Social Events 2014 pg 3
Coney Island
Kettering Ohio Invitational
Car Show
Spring Grove Cruise In
One Last Game
Lauren Hill
Firehouse Grill
Giving for Lauren Hill
Mainstrauss Car Show
10-14-14 UPDATE
From CCSM Members Brent & Lisa Hill ---Folks, can't say
enough to thank people for spreading the word.
This has been Lauren's desire from diagnosis day. Lauren is so
excited and this thing has gone crazy in the
past 24 hrs. Please continue to spread the word. Lauren had a
rough day yesterday and I cant tell you the up
lift she had last night by the response to her Story. Lauren, Lisa,
and myself are being overwhelmed so we
are creating the below site for folks to follower her on. Lauren
has a hard time with computers these days
because they trigger head aches with the tumor. So we are
going to try to centralize the support for her
where we can keep her updated easier. So please start
spreading the link to everyone. We will try to keep
folks updated on Lauren and the upcoming MSJU season
opening basketball game. Once again thank you
all so much for you constant support of Lauren and our Family
during this fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!