Social Events pg 4
Augusta Ky
CCSM won the Club Participation Trophy!!
Rollin on the River Car Show
Cincinnati, Ohio
Congrats to Mike Schmidt and Bruce Thompson
for taking First Place in their classes.
8th  Annual Car Show
Covington Ky
Congrats to Ken Renner for winning a Top 15
Trophy in the 1980 and up Class....
Shandon, Ohio
Manning for both winning a Top 30 Trophy.
Congrats to Debby Manning for winning
2nd Place  in the FB2 class
at the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk
Ohio on Aug 8, 2010
Congrats to Joe Revell and Ron & Gretel Stephens
for winning trophies at the
6th Annual Dover Volunteer Fire Department Car,
Truck & Motorcycle Car Show, the club also won Club
Participation Trophy on Aug 8 2010
Congrats to Larry Hay, Joe Revell, Mike Schmidt and
Kelly Conley
for winning Top 50 Trophies at the Wood Hudson Car
Show on Aug 14 2010
Congrats to Greg Nolan and Christine Stadtmiller for
winning Top 20 Trophies at Cincy Street Rods Car Aug
15 2010