As of August 1 2017 at the CCSM meeting held at Flipdaddys in Newport there was a motion made by a car club member to disband/dissolve CCSM Car Club without any discussion made and was accepted by a majority of members brought in but not paid members for that year, but past members, ) and thererfor the club is no longer. We, I, would personally like to that thank each and everyone of you who supported and sponsored the club and it's events over the 15 + years that this club had held. Up until the last 3 years this club was one of the most wonderful car clubs around, as we were not just a car club but a family. But, in the last 3 years a chain of events that we sponsored had tore this family apart. While many of us wanted to stay a family and try to mend it there were those who decided that this was not to be. Instead of them just leaving the family they decided without discussion to tear it down all together. But on a brighter note...several of the members who still believe in what this car club once stood for have decided that we will not let tthose tear us down and are starting a new club! We are starting work on it now and are excited about a new beginning and being a 'family' once again! Please check our group page for further announcements about the new club at Once again, thanks for all of your support in the past and hopefully in the present. debby.

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